This Might be the Solution to Our Cloud Security Threats

July 15, 2019 / GuidesFor Team

Before 2017 ended, The Enterprisers Project wrote that automation should be treated as ‘an opportunity.’ Indeed, 2018 was an eventful year as the potentials of automation in businesses were unlocked. The same article listed down six ways that automation can greatly impact the way that businesses function–these include customer service, repeated processes, web and mobile applications, and yes–even security. Many of the recent data and security breaches could probably have been avoided if the right security measures and practices were in place. Automated techniques can contribute to this as additional layers of security that do not depend on people, therefore reducing possibilities of human error. This Forbes article zeroes in on this topic and explores the possibilities of automation in terms of being a solution to cloud security threats. – Regina Ongkiko 

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