How to Minimize Risks in Digital Transformation

October 29, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

In the business world today, one of the most common buzzwords you’d probably hear and see is “digital transformation”.  With his ever changing world, how we do business also changes and the problems that goes with it changes too. We now have what you call ” cyber crimes” and cyber security. Fortinet just recently released a survey regarding the security implications of digital transformation that is rising today.  The survey focused on the condition of the cyber security in businesses all over the world and result shows that most of the businesses have already adapted digital transformation processes, and 67 % of the respondents state that they already started the transformation a few years back. With this digital transformation, it’s important to also know how to prevent or at least minimize such risks that goes with it. This article basically gives an overview how to manage risks brought about by the digital transformations. Read on. -Marie Soriano



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