The Business Benefits of Cloud Security

May 22, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

Crimes committed online are now more prevalent than ever and this leaves countless entities and individuals prone to attacks from hackers around the world. Not only are the private assets of those affected at risk, companies who suffer from attacks experience heavy financial losses. Cyber Security reports that by 2021, global cybercrime damages could amount to $6 trillion annually. This growth is supported by the fact that most processes will be handled through cloud-based systems in the next years.

Regardless of what tech experts do, cloud systems are still going to be very vulnerable to hackers that increase their arsenal; at the same time, coud security providers are also willing to counteract the looming threat with improvements of their own.

Even companies and other corporate entities are seeing the good in implementing Cloud Security on their structures. According to a study by PWC, 67 percent of respondents in a survey have said that they have already implemented security measures to their systems as of 2018.

Using the proper tools

Today’s various Cloud Security solutions carry features that are going to be very helpful in any corporate environment. Understanding the looming threat at hand, today’s security leaders have produced the features that would be fit to counter the modern-day hacker’s arsenal.

Some companies would tackle niche fields in Cloud Security to provide users with the proper tools for one specific case. Cisco’s Umbrella for instance, protects users in a database from threats all over the internet. This product reinforces and DNS and IP of a server In doing so, it is able to detect and stop malware before it reaches the endpoints of a server that can be easily accessed by users.

Another benefit is that these companies will no longer have to worry about major setbacks that could be brought on by data breaches. Hacks and attacks don’t only result in data loss, but companies who are victims of these cybercrimes loss a lot in terms of money. They’ll have to cope with the data loss for one, and most importantly, they’ll be held back months of progress. How big can the losses be? Time reports that the data breach of Equifax last year cost a whopping $4 billion. That’s not taking into account the months or years worth of lost progress.

Having Cloud Security systems in tow will provide companies with a few benefits, says PWC. For starters, the company can store stronger and more powerful data, which is vital to remain competitive in today’s data-centric world.

Cloud Security has become more advanced in a bid to combat the looming threats brought on by hackers. Company owners should do their best to protect their assets, and doing so requires the aid of tools provided by leading vendors in the industry.

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