Cloud Security Myths: Busted!

September 23, 2017 / melissa

Have you ever heard of the Mandela Effect? It’s this phenomenon where a person thinks something happened, but it never did. Mostly because they remember something incorrectly or perhaps mass media distributes info in a way that changes the perception from the actual reality of events. It turns out this phenomenon isn’t only applicable to general information but also to the realm of information technology. 

For the longest time, still many people believed the faux floating around the internet about the cloud, preventing them from really reaping the benefits of switching over to this online storage innovation. But think about this, it’s not about what people say about cloud. Rather if you have strong security protocols protecting you upfront, then expect nothing to go wrong, that’s according to this article by ITProPortal. So here are the most common myths busted to keep your doubts about cloud at bay. – Robert Cabigao

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